Nokia releases first set of promos for Lumia 2520 tablet [Video]

Last week Nokia introduced their first tablet device, the Lumia 2520. Since Nokia has never sold a tablet before, we’ve been anxiously awaiting their ad campaign. Earlier today Nokia published a couple of new videos to show off the Lumia 2520 and how it will fit in your daily life. Let’s take a look.

The first video is titled “Work. Play. Everywhere.” In this video we see the 2520 being used in a wide variety of situations. Nokia is emphasizing how the tablet can be used in every aspect of your life, whether that be doing work or just relaxing. The second video simply shows off the 2520 in all colors and a bunch of sexy slow-motion panning shots.

What do you think of Nokia’s first tablet promos? Will these work well on TV?

  • idlelimey

    Extremely concerned about the gentleman’s dip dye shirt. Apart from that, I’m still very unsure about whether to buy the Surface 2 or a 2520. Lumia is faster (marginally?) and has 4G but S2 has bigger screen and Type Cover 2. Undecided. Nice dilemma to have.