Do you even care if BBM comes to Windows Phone?


Last week BBM finally arrived for Android and iOS. After a long delay, many bugs, and even “fake” reviews, it was met with mixed emotions. BBM is not the popular service that is once was, but there are still many people throughout the world that use it. There have been rumors that BBM will eventually come to Windows Phone, but does anyone care?

The messaging app market is over crowded right now. There is Google Hangouts, iMessage, Whats App?, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and many more. The most difficult thing is picking one that all of your friends and family use. Blackberry phones are dropping in popularity like a rock. If your friends don’t use BBM why should you care about it?

If BBM does eventually come to Windows Phone will you even care? How many of your friends still have a Blackberry? Let us know below!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LOL. I now have two friends in my BBM contacts. Maybe if you get it I can have 3!

  • bawboh

    Not really. Absolutely no one I know uses it, WhatsApp, or Viber. Shoot, very few use Skype on a regular basis. We all just use our built in text messenger.

  • the garbage pail kid

    whatsapp, KIK, FB chat I dont even know anyone with a BB. Literally, no one interface with owns a BB.

  • Klas Lilja

    Dont care at all.

  • DBZo07

    what crap!! there is huge requirement for BBM on Windows Phone. Stop making such comments. WhatsApp is already began to doom! taking example of friends, 30% already moved to BBM…

    BBM for WP8 will be great!!

  • 89caps

    I want Windows Phone at the table for all app development, whether I’m going to use it or not.

  • frank

    I have a windows phone and it’s annoying because none of the good apps are for Windows Phones and the ones that are, aren’t updated as much as apple and androids

  • abhimanyu

    just tell me that iss bbm coming on windows phone or not??

  • YemeniFriend

    No one that I know uses BBM and I had a Blackberry (Bold 9780) before and when it lags, you have to restart the phone

  • Ben A

    BBM is in development for windows phone right now

  • Anonymus

    I have like millions of friends with BBM and Blackberrys. I would care if there was a bbm for windows phone

  • taz

    BBM IS BBM AND WE NEEED IT ON WINDOWS PHONE… Doesn’t this ‘why do you even care if it comes?’ apply to all iphone and android users… they have access to whatsapp kik facebook and so on, so why shouldn’t we have access to bbm… we need it fast … this is a new kind of separation technique because with bbm they would become the ultimate phone to have… I rest my case!

  • taz

    any brief idea of the release date…? Maybe next year?

  • BBM4LiFe

    I totally agree @7f1fc5cfe0e3ea1257fd0743373e73b0:disqus! What BS these statements are. Face it, BBM is the best instant messaging app EVER!

  • wp8boss

    6,0000 of my friends still have blackberries! and i have a lumia 920!

  • michael99uk

    I use a lagging android pending the time BBM will arrive for Windows phone .

  • poizons

    I’d love BBM for Windows Phone, so I can say it to my folks
    I won’t install it tho… LOL

  • mody

    All of my friend have BBM and most of my family we need BBM on windows phone

  • Rev

    I am deciding tomorrow whether or not to buy a Nokia 625, or Samsung galaxy S3. Honestly, I love the look of both, but am sliding towards the Nokia..Only problem is, I won’t buy it without knowing I can use BBM, since my friends and work colleagues are using BBM, and kinda my first phone since around 2008, so I think some people (me, for one) definitely find the use of a BBM app, important on my phone decision. >.<

  • galgottaknow

    I would love to have bbm on my windows phone, a lot of people where i live use it and it would be very useful for me

  • Sarah

    I CARE !
    not only BB Users use BBM, since its now now on Android and IOS devices. so, BBM for WP will be PERFECTLY PERFECT !!!!