Lumia sales double in North America, hit record 8.8 million worldwide

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Nokia’s latest earnings from Q3 2013 have been released, and once again they have grown. After a record 7.4 million sales in Q2 Nokia has improved that to a new record of 8.8 million. A year ago that number was a measly 2.9 million. Obviously Nokia is doing something right. To date Nokia has sold 36 million Lumia devices.

Perhaps the most important number from these sales is North America sales. Nokia has been doing well in other areas of the world, but has struggled in North America. In Q3 Lumia sales in North America have more than doubled from 500,000 in Q2 to 1.4 million. The low-budget Lumia 521/520 and getting more phones on Verizon is a likely cause for this growth.

lumia sales

These numbers are extremely promising, and they may show why Microsoft decided to purchase Nokia. If this growth continues Nokia will push Windows Phone into relavance. As sales grow so will interest from developers. Q4 is always an important time for tech companies. Let’s hope Nokia can continue to see growth.

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Definitely seeing more Nokia devices around lately.

  • uncle_joe

    Yeah, more Lumias and I still don’t have mine yet. I need to fix up, quick time!!

  • kam

    it doesn’t matter anymore. That future growth will go to microsoft