AT&T HTC 8X official Windows Phone ‘Update 3’ (GDR3) rolling out now


Apparently if you want official updates first the best device to have is the AT&T HTC 8X. The 8X on AT&T was one of the very first to get the GDR2 update, and now it is one of the first to get Update 3 a.k.a. GDR3. This is frustrating for Nokia Lumia owners, but awesome for those few people with HTC Windows Phones.

Update 3 was made available to developers and enthusiasts a few weeks ago, but this is the official OTA update from Microsoft. The main features in Update 3 for the 8X include the ability to close apps from multitasking, custom ringtones and alerts, Driving Mode, and Bluetooth improvements.

Check out our video below to see Update 3 on the HTC 8X. To check for the update go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates.

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