Update 3 on the HTC 8X allows the phone to charge without powering on


One of the little annoyances with Windows Phone devices is the way they act while being charged. On most phones you can power the device off while it is charging. This allows for more rapid charging since the device isn’t doing anything else. Windows Phone devices in the past haven’t been able to do this. As soon as you plug in the charger it powers on. No matter what.

Is this a huge deal? Not really, but it can be a mild convenience. The GDR updates have been cleaning up this little problems, and now it looks like Update 3 (GDR3) has addressed this one. Windows Phone Italy has confirmed that the HTC 8X, which just got Update 3, can indeed be powered off while charging. At first it might seem like it won’t work, but it does.

The process is as follows: when the phone is powered off and you plug it in it vibrates like it’s powering on, the HTC splash screen pops up, but then a battery icon appears and the phone doesn’t boot up. Hopefully this functionality comes to all Windows Phone devices that get Update 3. We have a feeling it will.

Thanks everyone!

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