Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5s [Chart]

lumia 1520 vs nexus 5 vs iphone 5s

Earlier today Google announced their Halloween treat: the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat. As per usual we have put the new device up against the best that Windows Phone has to offer (and an iPhone for good measure). Android devices usually have the biggest and best specs, but this chart really shows how the gap is closing.

The Lumia 1520 matches or beats the Nexus 5 in almost every category. There are only two differences between the two: size and OS. In terms of specs the Lumia 1520 and Nexus 5 are high above the iPhone 5s. Does that matter to iPhone users? Not in the slightest.

To me this graph shows two things. 1) Windows Phone users can finally get the same specs that they see in high-end Android devices, and 2) specs are not the whole story. The iPhone sells like crazy and it’s over powered, the Lumia phones don’t sell that great and they have great specs.

How much do you care about specs? Is that something you consider seriously before buying a phone? For more information about the Nexus 5 launch be sure to visit our sister site

  • dem0n0cracy

    You should add Price to the list.

  • GrapeEyes

    Nokia Lumia 1520 wins on specs and build quality.

    Android please don’t use the same excuse that the Nexus will sell more phones, Ford sells more cars than Ferrari so whats your point?

    If Nokia done an experiment and installed an Android operating system on the Nokia Lumia 1520 it will be the best selling phone in 2013/14 & 2015.


  • Ryan Lounsbury

    I suppose this is a comparison you can make… Technically neither the Nexus 5 nor the iPhone 5S are phablets to which the Lumia 1520 is they are different classes of phones. The Lumia 929 would be a better comparison.

  • The1nChicago

    I want to get the 1520. However, I am scared that MS will screw me good like With the 900. Therefore, I think I will wait until next Spring for Nokia’s next phone.

  • Rubbish O’mally

    Its not so much that I care about specs, but when it comes to value for money, specs do play a big part. As such the iPhone is the bottom of the list, and therefore it will be between the nexus 5 and the lumia 1520 (once we know the exact price of the lumia). WP8 may be not as polished as the other two OS’s but that is only software and software changes on a phone that you buy. Hardware will not. So in my opinion, its better to go for better hardware and wait for the software to catchup rather that keep buying new hardware every year.

  • Rubbish O’mally

    Spot on!

  • Ben A

    if WHAT, running android os nahhh, there is no ifs. this is the de best smartphone and will be the best selling phones by 2014/2015 and beyond. the Lumia will become the one of the best selling phones series of all time

  • Ben A

    no they wont. you will get updates with the 1520. upgradable to any future windows phone update.

  • Ben A

    WP8 is polished and able to compete. the software is already catching up and 8.1 will be far ahead of competitors next year. wait and see

  • albertog36

    This is a mismastch . Nokia 1520 makes these phones look like pagers.

  • albertog36

    There is no competition for the Noka 1520 at this point. none.