Nokia Illusionist is a 8-inch Windows RT tablet


Lumia 2520

Two weeks ago Nokia showed off their very first tablet device, the Lumia 2520. Now they are already rumored to be working on their next tablet, but this time it’s a 8-inch device codenamed “Illusionist.” @evleaks says the device will run Windows RT like the Lumia 2520, but will be in the smaller 8-inch class.

Unfortunately that’s all we have to go on for this device. Nokia’s 8-inch tablet could be the Surface Mini that we have all been waiting for. 10-inch tablets are great for productivity, but the smaller 8 and 7-inch tablets are perfect for consuming media. The Illusionist will also fill in a gap in Nokia’s line between 6-inch phablet and 10-inch tablet.

Are you interested in a smaller Nokia tablet running Windows RT? How much should it cost?

  • bikdav

    An 8 inch Windows tablet running RT? Price it in the low $200s somewhere. That should rattle Android’s cage. I have both and I find RT far easier to use than Android.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is sooo good looking. I wish it had Windows 8 Pro….

  • pirate78

    I am excited about it. I do not want a Win Pro on such a small form factor. RT, on the other hand, is perfect for it. I would be even more excited about if it had an active digitizer and pen.

  • TEDtalks

    May play well in the education sector if the reliability and price are right.