Microsoft’s new “Honestly” campaign features real stories from real Windows users


Microsoft has tried many different approaches to marketing Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices, and now they have yet another new angle. A new batch of videos have been created around a common theme: real people with real experiences. The campaign is called “Honestly,” and it can be found at Microsoft’s new web page and on TV.

The new web page and videos show how Windows devices fit into the lives of a few people. There is a paramedic, teacher, traveler, exec, and photographer. For each person it tells a story about why they chose their Windows device. These real world examples do a great job at showing how Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices can improve productivity and enjoyment.

Windows isn’t just about Office anymore. It’s about having fun and getting work done in any environment. That is the true definition of productivity. Why did you chose the Windows device you have? What’s your story?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I actually like this campaign. Feels very natural and explains a general bit about the devices.

  • uncleduke

    Actually, you are wrong. These are not from real users.

    Please correct.