5 free indie Windows Phone games you should download now


If you’re like us you have a soft spot for indie games. Sure, the mega titles from Disney, Gameloft, and EA are nice, but we’ll take something made by an independent developer any day. It’s also very important to support indies in order foran ecosystem to grow. There are already a lot of great indie games available, and today we will share a few of our favorites.

World Guessr

world guessr screens

A few months ago there was a popular game called GeoGuesser? It has a simple premise: you are placed in a random spot in the world and your task is to guess where you are with only the help of Google Street View. The closer you guess to the actual location the more points you get. World Guessr is pretty much the same thing.

There are five rounds with five different locations. You can swipe around and look all over to try and figure out where you are. After the rounds are over it will give you a cumulative score. The cute graphics in this game make it really fun and quirky. World Guessr is available for Windows Phone 8.

Pocket Army

pocket army screens

Pocket Army is a combination of several different genres. It combines army-building, role-playing, and hack-em-up action games. One of the best features is the online multiplayer. You can compete in real-time battles against real people. Pocket Army is full of awesome features like fully customizable characters, HD graphics, dozens of weapons, and boss battles. Pocket Army is amazingly free on Windows Phone 8 devices.


reaper screens

Reaper is a game from the maker of Radiant and Radiant Defense. The first thing that we loved about this game is the awesome graphics, but it’s much more than that. Reaper is an “epic action RPG.” You take quests to uncover secrets of the Wilderness. On the way you will level up your character with hundreds of weapons and accessories to choose from. Reaper is free to play, but eventually you will have to purchase an upgrade to keep playing. Reaper is also only available on WP8.


burger screens

Burger is a classic memory and time management game. You are hired at a burger restaurant and it is your job to fill the orders from patrons. You are given a list of ingredients and side dishes that you must assemble as quickly as possible. The longer you play the more ingredients appear, and the harder it gets. Along with the classic Career Mode is a Time Attack mode that really puts your burger building to the test. Burger is available for Windows Phone 8.


hexzul screens

Hexzul is a perfect game for puzzle lovers. It combines the playing style of 3D pong with tetris blocks. The result is a challenging puzzle that will take logic, perception, and skill to complete. There are literally thousands of puzzles to solve. Be sure to eat your Wheaties before attempting this game. Hexzul is also available on Windows Phone 8.

That’s our list! What are your favorite indie games? Let us know below!



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    I know Reaper is also available on Windows 8.