Microsoft CEO candidates narrowed down to heads of Ford, Nokia, Skype and Azure

microsoft ceo search

It’s been a while since we talked about the Steve Ballmer and his retiring from Microsoft. In the last few months Microsoft has been conducting a search for a new CEO with a committee that includes Bill Gates. Reuters is reporting that the committee has narrowed the candidates down to four people, including three picks from our own list.

  • Ford CEO Alan Mulally
  • Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop
  • Microsoft cloud boss Satya Nadella
  • Former Skype president Tony Bates

Alan Mulally is the only outsider on this list (Elop used to work at Microsoft). Reuters reports that the hiring process is still a few months away from being completed, and they are still interviewing more candidates. Our favorites include Mulally, who has been credited with reviving Ford, and Bates, who helped Skype become a powerhouse.

Who would you like to see from this list? Who would you like to see who is not on this list?

[via The Verge]

  • bikdav

    Of the four, I don’t think that Alan Mulally would be a good fit. Automotive and computer companies don’t mix well when it comes to leadership. In Microsoft’s case, the new CEO should be chosen from within Microsoft.