Microsoft merges Windows and Windows Phone dev accounts, makes it easy to publish to both


Windows Phone and Windows continue to get closer and closer to being the same thing. Microsoft has been hinting at merging the two operating systems for a while. This week they took a major step in bringing the two closer together by merging the developer portals. Devs now will only need one account to publish apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Before this week you needed a separate accounts for Windows and Windows Phone. Obviously this was not ideal. Now developers can pay one flat rate ($19 for individuals/$99 for companies) and publish on both platforms. This will give developers more reason to port their phone app over to Windows, or vice versa.

For new developers the sign up process will be very easy. You just automatically have access to publishing on both platforms. If you have been paying for both platforms already you should receive an email this month with a code for a free one-year renewal. Also, if you already have an account on one platform you now have access to the other as well. Easy as that!

[via Windows Phone Developer Blog]

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