Ruling the galaxy one Bitizen at a time: ‘Star Wars Tiny Death Star’ review [Video]

tiny death star

Every once in a while a game comes out that has the ability to totally consume every waking minute of your life if you aren’t careful. Star Wars Tiny Death Star is one of those games. It seems simple at first, and it generally is, but once you start getting into it you realize there is a lot going on. Let’s take a look at Star Wars Tiny Death Star for Windows Phone 8.

If you’ve never played Tiny Tower before check out our hands-on to see what it’s all about. The basic idea is to build as tall of a tower as you can, or in this case the Death Star. Each level of the tower is something different (apartments, a gym, a restaurant, etc). Once “Galactic Bitizens” move in to the tower you can give them jobs and start selling things from the different levels.

The tower becomes a contained ecosystem of sorts. The bitizens get money by having jobs, then they use that money to buy things from the shops, gyms, restaurants, karaoke lounges, etc. That money goes to you and can be used to buy more items for the stores, buy more levels for the tower, or upgrade existing things. The cycle continues. And like a real economy, the happier the bitizens the better work they do and the more they spend.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star is an awesome game. I played the original Tiny Tower game a lot back when it was really popular, and Tiny Death Star is every bit as fun. At first I thought it would be just the same game, but with Star Wars characters. Thankfully there is actually a lot of new things you can do in this game compared to the original.

The first thing you’ll notice is everything has references to Star Wars. Levels and items have names like Mos Espa Cafe, Watto’s Wares, Jedi Rocks, Blue Milk, etc.  The Bitizens have a Facebook-like thing called Holonet, the Emperor is overseeing everything, and much, much more. All of that is fun, but the Star Wars-ness is more than skin deep.

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New “Imperial” levels can be built under the regular levels. These levels build things for the Death Star such as security codes and rebel secrets. These things are built at the request of Darth Vader, who is ever-present in a glowing hologram. Another new feature is collecting different species, characters, and scenes. Every once in a while a new species, such as Ewok, will move in to the tower. Every time you collect one you earn more money.

One of my favorite things about Star Wars Tiny Death Star, and Tiny Tower in general, is that it never stops. When you aren’t playing the game life goes on in the Death Star. Once you open the game up again you will be told how much money you earned while you were gone. This tactic makes you want to constantly check the game, but it also means you can make progress without even playing.

tiny death star screens2

This is a super awesome game, but it’s not perfect. I would like to be able to sign in with an account, like the original Tiny Tower game, so I can sync progress across devices. I would also like to be able to add friends so I can compete with their towers. Like I said above, this game is really simple to pick up and play, but once you do you will realize there is a lot going on. If I would mention everything that you can do in this game it would take 10,000 words.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star is available on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 for free. It was launched on the same day as Android and iOS versions. For that alone we should show our support for this game and hopefully get more same-day launch titles in the future. Before you run off a play this game make sure you don’t have anything scheduled for the rest of the day.

May the force be with you. You’ll need it to not get addicted to this awesome game. (Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8)

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