Xbox One will come with 6 months of free Skype group video calling and system-wide SkyDrive integration

xbox skype

Microsoft has a very big device launch coming up soon, and it has nothing to do with Windows Phone. The Xbox One (often affectionately referred to as the “Xbone”) is launching in less than two weeks. Since this is a big Microsoft device there are several other Microsoft services included with it, including Skype and SkyDrive.

We’ve known for a while that Skype will be coming on the Xbox One, but the news gets even better. Today Skype published a blog post about the “Top 5 Exciting New Features for Skype for Xbox One.” The #1 feature is free group Video Calling and 100 worldwide minutes. This will last for six months, and you will need a Xbox Live Gold membership.


The other service that will be on the Xbox One is SkyDrive. Until today we didn’t really know how it would be implemented. The simple answer? SkyDrive everywhere.┬áThe 360 has a SkyDrive app, but on the Xbox One it will go a lot deeper. SkyDrive will show up right in the OneGuide TV channel guide. You can access it whenever you are watching TV and see your photos and videos (still no audio).

Are you excited for these two Xbox One features?

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