Top 3 new Windows Phone apps from AppCampus


AppCampus is a cool program from Microsoft that is designed to help indie developers create great apps and make them available on Windows Phone first. Microsoft started the program last year with great success, and this year it is still going strong. Today they have highlighted a few of the apps. Below you will find three of our favorites (they are all free).



Foundbite is an app designed to allow users to share quick photos with location and audio attached. Sometimes you just want to show people where you are at the moment, and Foundbite makes that easy. You can share the photos with Facebook and Twitter.



Rayzit is a very unique and interesting take on messaging apps. The app allows users to ask questions and get answers from other users around you. There is no sign up required. You simply ask a question and someone in close proximity will receive it. Simple and fun.

The Machine

the machine

The Machine is a take on the endless climbing genre of mobile games. You control a ink droplet working it’s way through a complex machine. Navigate through the obstacles by attaching and leaping to surfaces. With 30 levels it’s bound to keep you busy.


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