Vine for Windows Phone is finally here, but does it matter? [Video]

Earlier today Vine officially released their Windows Phone app. Vine is one of a few big apps we have been waiting for, the others of course being Instagram and SnapChat. Developers have been making a living off of 3rd-party apps for services like Vine. Now that an official app is available it’s time to see if it can dethrone those.

Since Vine is a Twitter creation it looks very similar to the official Twitter app. The design and UI are essentially the same, just swap out Twitter cyan for Vine green. The real differences are in what the app can actually do. Vine, of course, is for making short 6-second videos. Instagram trumped this a little later with 15-second videos, and Vine has taken a hit ever since.


The official Vine app works great, but as we expected it doesn’t have as many features as 6sec or even the other official Vine apps. Recently Vine added a feature that allows you to rearrange clips in the Android and iOS apps. The Windows Phone version doesn’t have that, or even the ability to remove the previous clip like 6sec can do.

Like we said above, the Vine app is a lot like the Twitter app. Just as you would only use the official Twitter app if you just want something simple and basic you would use Vine for the same reasons. That doesn’t mean this app isn’t important. It’s absolutely critical to how new users will perceive Windows Phone. Download Vine below for free on Windows Phone 8.

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  • Ok, ok.. So we have Vine. But where’s my Instagram! :)

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  • AMRooke

    I recommend that folks download Vine, even if you plan to continue using 6sec. WP users and more importantly non-WP users who are considering a swap have been asking for apps like Vine. We should show support for big developers who have taken the step to support the WP platform. This is a promising indicator for us.