Official Vine for Windows Phone 8 app available now


It’s finally here! The official Vine app for Windows Phone is now available in the Store. Twitter promised that Vine would launch on Windows Phone, and Nokia even mentioned it during Nokia World. Today they are making good on that promise. Let’s take a look at the latest big name app to arrive on Windows Phone.

Our first impression is it looks a lot like the official Twitter app for Windows Phone. There is a black bar across the top with big icons for the four Vine tabs: home, notifications, explore, and me. The design of the app is flat and beautiful, and it works just like other official Vine apps. For Widows Phone they have added live tiles, the ability to open the app from the camera, and fast resume multitasking.

Vine is available now for free on Windows Phone 8 devices. Download it below and start creating Vines!

download WP


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