Flixster for Windows Phone now supports UltraViolet streaming


Finally! The Flixster app for Windows Phone has been updated to support video streaming of UltraViolet movies. Every other Flixster app (even Windows 8) has had this functionality for a long time, so we are very happy to finally get it.

UltraViolet is a┬ávideo streaming service that allows users to rent and buy movies or redeem digital versions of movies that come with physical discs. You’ve probably seen the UltraViolet insert inside of a Blu-ray or DVD case. Whether you rent or redeem the movie it will be playable on Flixster’s website or mobile apps, which now includes Windows Phone.

The one thing still lacking in the app is HD video streaming. Now that we have phones like the Lumia 1520 with 1080p displays this feature becomes even more necessary. Download Flixster below for free.

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