Report: Windows Phone market share up 156% since last year

wp bb

Market share is always a big topic when it comes to Windows Phone. As the third place mobile OS it’s always interesting to see the Windows Phone growth from quarter to quarter. Microsoft doesn’t give numbers of their own, but we can get an idea from 3rd-party sources like the IDC. Today they released theirĀ report for Q3 2013.


One of the winners from last quarter is Windows Phone. In the wake of Blackberry’s continued collapse Windows Phone and Android are eating up more market share. Windows Phone in particular saw a 156% increase from this time last year. In a years time Windows Phone has gone from 2% market share to 3.6%. Blackberry, meanwhile, has plummeted from 4% to 1.7%.

It’s clear that Microsoft is greatly benefiting from Blackberry’s demise, as many expected. The obvious choice for former Blackberry users is Windows Phone. Things like great Office and Outlook integration are important to enterprise users.

[via TechCrunch]

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