Xbox Video coming to Windows Phone 8 “as early as this holiday”


If you use a Xbox or Windows 8 device you are familiar with the Xbox Video app. In this app you can buy or rent movies and TV shows to watch, similar to Google Play and iTunes. Currently this can’t be done on a Windows Phone device, which obviously is a problem since the app is called “Music + Video.” It seems that will change soon.

In a note to Zune users to inform them that the Zune Marketplace is being shut down Microsoft revealed some good news. In regards to Xbox Video they said “It will also be available on the web at and your Xbox One starting November 22, and on Windows Phone 8 as early as this holiday.

Do any of you use Xbox Video on your other devices? Will you use it on Windows Phone? Personally, I have never used it, but I might be more willing if I can also use it on my phone.

[via reddit]

  • Guest

    I will be using it on my phone. I use it today on my 360, W8.1 Desktop, and my W8.1 Surface Pro. I have been waiting for some time! Thanks for the great news.

  • SilverChariot

    XBOX video on phone is really good. But I would like to see a youtube competitor from MS.

    They just need to have SkyDrive public videos available on a website like youtube videos. Its a future youtube competitor !!!! Or say it could be bing videos with all public skydrive videos but with an easy .com address to reach than going to bing and clicking videos