Flipboard finally launches for Windows 8.1 [Download Now]


We’ve been waiting a while for the official Flipboard app to launch for Windows 8 (and Windows Phone for that matter). Today is finally the day. Flipboard has just launched their Windows app, but like the Facebook app you will need Windows 8.1. Let’s take a look at this ¬†highly anticipated app.

Flipboard is popular for generating a personal magazine based on things that interest you. You can select genres like food, home, tech, etc and Flipboard will curate news for you. If there is a specific source you’d like to see in your magazine you can add that too.

Flipboard included some important Windows features too. The live tile supports the new large size in Windows 8.1, and shows excerpts from new stories. You can even pin specific sections if you would like. The new Windows 8.1 snap view sizes are also supported in Flipboard.

The Flipboard app for Windows is available now. They also say they are working on a Windows Phone app, but it won’t be available for a while yet. Download for free below if you have Windows 8.1.

download Win8

  • homecristian

    Great news!

  • Great news indeed but it’s not in the Windows Store yet! I feel like a little kid at Christmas who came down the stairs, saw the tree, but no presents!

  • Did you download it yet? :)