‘My Talking Tom’ arrives for Windows Phone, launches alongside Android and iOS

My Talking Tom

If you’ve ever ventured into the app stores of Android or iOS you’ve probably seen some app about a talking cat at the top of some lists. This uber popular virtual pet app has been downloaded millions of times on other platforms, and now Talking Tom is starring in a brand new game that has launched simultaneously for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

So, what the heck is Talking Tom? He is your virtual pet cat that, obviously, has the ability to talk. In this game you start by adopting your very own baby Tom. Like any virtual pet, you can feed him, play with him, and nurture him to grow up into a fully grown Tom cat. Think of it like Tomagachi on steroids for the modern-day. One of the trademarks of a Talking Tom game is the comedy. Tom does more than just react to strokes and pokes, he is also a chatty comedian.

We love that this game was launched simultaneously with Android and iOS, and they even have it displayed proudly on their website. We saw this same thing happen last week with Star Wars Tiny Death Star. More and more big developers are taking notice of Windows Phone. Show your support by download My Talking Tom today for free on Windows Phone 8.

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