Nokia adds route directions list and parked car locator to HERE Drive

Nokia HERE

One of Nokia’s best apps just got a lot better. Today Nokia updated HERE Drive for all Windows Phone devices. This update includes a nice list of features. If you prefer MapQuest-style direction lists, battle traffic daily, or lose your car often this is one update you will really want.

Version 4.0.5399 brings a few features that other navigation apps have, and some features unique to the app. You can now see real-time traffic information to know which route will have the best traffic conditions. There is a new list view of the directions in case you prefer that. The ETA is now adjusted in real-time by the traffic conditions. Last, but not least, is the ability to find your parked car with LiveSight.

here update

Nokia HERE Drive+ for Lumia devices and Nokia HERE Drive for all Windows Phone devices have received this update. If you are someone who drives often this is a must-have app.

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