Flipboard for Windows: Making your news look good [Video]

Yesterday saw the long-awaited arrival of Flipboard for Windows 8(.1). This app was first made popular on iOS as a gorgeous way to read news from websites. It took the idea of RSS readers and fancied it up into something more like a magazine. Since then Flipboard has migrated to Android and now Windows tablets and PCs. Was it worth the wait?

The easiest way to describe Flipboard is to imagine a magazine full of content that interests you. After an easy set-up process you have a completely personalized magazine curated specifically for you. That’s the beauty of Flipboard. Unlike RSS readers you don’t have to manually add sources one by one (unless you want to). Just tell Flipboard what you are interested in and they will do all the work.


We’ve said the word “magazine” a lot already, but here we’re going to say it again. Content is displayed like you would find in a magazine. Big photos with bold titles and easy to read text make up most pages, assuming they are optimized for Flipboard (most are). Text isn’t the only thing you can see in the app. If a website has their YouTube feed added you can also watch videos.

One of the neatest features in Flipboard is the ability to curate your own magazine and subscribe to magazines from other users. Every article has a (+) button next to it that allows you to add that story to one of your magazines. One example for using this could be adding favorite recipes to your virtual cook book. The only limit is your imagination.

flipboard your mag

We really enjoyed using Flipboard. This is one of those apps that really fits in well with the new Microsoft design language. If you are looking for something easier and more visual than a boring RSS reader this is the app for you. Right now it is only available on Windows 8.1, but they are currently working on a phone app too. Download it now for free.

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