GTA 5 companion app iFruit now available for Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone users who are fans of Grand Theft Auto just got a very important app. iFruit, the official companion app, has launched for Windows Phone. This app was available at launch for Android and iOS, but it has taken an extra two months to arrive on Windows Phone. We’ll take it.

iFruit is actually two apps in one. One section is called Los Santos Customs. From the app you can create your own vehicles to use in the game. You can upgrade your parts, choose window tints, paint color, and even custom license plates. Once you’re done creating, just send in your order and you will be notified in the game when it’s ready to be picked up from the shop. How cool is that?!

The second part of the app is called Chop the Dog. In this part of the app you can take care of Franklin’s virtual canine companion. But why would you want a virtual pet? If you take of the dog well you will get in-game benefits.If happy, he can be a useful companion in the game. He can even help fend off gang members.

iFruit seems to be a standard iOS port, but we’re not in a position to complain about getting apps. You can download iFruit for free on Windows Phone 8 below.

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