Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft selling Scroogled t-shirts and mugs

scroogled gear

In an odd turn of events Microsoft has begun selling “Scroogled” paraphernalia in their online store. Scroogled is the anti-Google campaign that Microsoft started a couple of years ago. With Scroogled Microsoft is basically trying to convince people¬†Google is evil and their products steal information from you.

Up to this point Microsoft has mainly done this with silly videos, but now they want to turn you into a walking anti-Google billboard. The Scroogled products in their store range from t-shirts and hoodies to mugs. The designs include phrases like “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data,” images of the Chrome logo in a trench coat, and much more.

The prices are actually really good, too. For just $8 you can get a mug, or for $12 you can grab a t-shirt. Clearly Microsoft isn’t trying to make much money off of this. They just want to get the message out. Also, the people you see modeling these items are actually Microsoft employees. They are having a lot of fun with this. Are you going to buy anything?

Scroogled Shop

  • No, no, no. Just no. NO.

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