Nokia’s new Lumia 2520 ad openly mocks the iPad Air

Nokia has released a new ad for their new Lumia 2520 tablet, and it’s pretty funny. The ad takes a shot at the new Apple iPad Air. The message of the ad is not a new idea (Office and multitasking), but the way it’s presented is something we have not seen. The ad follows a new iPad Air user as he realizes maybe he bought the wrong device.

The mans friend in the ad might remind some of us of ourselves. She asks him many questions about his great new iPad, and then shows up with a much better device. It’s always fun to tease iPad users when they try to use their device like a PC. This ad does a great job at showing “buyers remorse” with a new iPad. Do you think this will convince people to buy a Nokia tablet?

The Lumia 2520 is available now from AT&T and Verizon.


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