How to hack wireless charging into the Lumia 925 [Video]

Wireless charging is a really cool futuristic feature that can be found on some phones. Several Nokia Lumia phones have this technology, but it has to be added with a bulky case. Having to buy an extra case just to use wireless charging makes this feature a little less cool. Having it built-in to the phone is much more convenient.

The reason Nokia hasn’t built wireless charging into their latest Lumia phones is to save on thickness and weight. The Lumia 920 had wireless charging built-in and was infamously called a “tank.” What if you could add wireless charging to your Lumia and not add any more thickness to the phone? I can show you how to do this on the Lumia 925.

The process is actually quite simple, but it will take some time. Basically we are going to merge the Nokia wireless charging shell and Lumia 925 into one device. In order to do this you will of course need the wireless charging shell, which can be found here, and a smartphone repair kit found here. It sucks that you still have to buy the charging shell, but once you are done it will be worth it.

Remove back of phone

lumia 925 mod (3)

Use the suction cup included in the repair kit to lift one corner of the backing on the Lumia 925. Use one of the blue pry openers to get under the backing and work your way around the back until you have it completely removed. Use a twisting motion to unhook clips holding the backing down. Don’t be afraid to use a little force.

Remove the wireless charging

lumia 925 mod (4)

Now we move to the wireless charging shell. First get your flathead screwdriver underneath the large plastic sticker and pull back on it with your fingers. Be sure to leave all the wireless charging components unharmed underneath. We will deal with those next.

lumia 925 mod (6)

Once the big sticker is removed you should be able to see the wireless charging unit. There is a little piece of plastic that needs to be removed first. Once that is gone you need to break off the little connectors so there is a flat surface for the contacts.

lumia 925 mod (7)

Next we will use the same technique to get under the corners and remove it. Be extra careful with this piece because it is responsible for the wireless charging. Keep it in one piece and set aside once removed.

lumia 925 mod (8)



Now it is time to assemble our different parts to create our Frankenstein phone. Use the guitar pick-shaped tool to get under the strip on the phone backing. Slowly work your way down until you get the contacts that would normally connect with the charging shell. We will put the wireless charger underneath this piece. Simply line up the contact points and use electrical tape to keep it together.

lumia 925 mod (11)

Once everything is lined up and secured you can put the phone back together. It will take a little force to snap it back in. Now you should have wireless charging built-in to the Lumia 925. Congratulations!

lumia 925 mod (12)

  • Brandon Coronado

    This is awesome thanks for the video. I’m going to try and do this on my NL925

  • ashwarner

    The main question I have is what are each of the pins? the charging coil has only two pins so is the third pin linked to the others at all on the charging coil side? the 1020 only utilises the two coil pins