Microsoft’s new ‘Scroogled’ video uses Pawn Stars to target Chromebooks

Scroogled is not going away, despite almost universally negative reactions. Last week they opened up a brand new store full of Scroogled merchandise. Today they have released a new video to attack Google and Chromebooks. The video parodies the TV show Pawn Stars as we watch a lady try to pawn her Google Chromebook for some extra cash.

Rick says the Chromebook can’t do as much as a real PC. He tells the lady that it can’t run Windows or Office, and if you don’t have an internet connection it is pretty useless. He then proceeds to explain how Google uses the Chromebook to collect user information to sell to ad companies. You know, the typical Scroogled shtick.

Last week on the podcast we joked about the Scroogled team being locked away in a cave at Microsoft. No matter how much negative criticism the Scroogled campaign gets it’s like they don’t even notice. They just keep pumping out new videos. We think it’s time for Scroogled to end. What do you think?

[via YouTube]

  • Uppy83

    It just makes Microsoft look petty and desperate. They should try to make decent products rather than attempting to scare people into buying their inferior garbage.

  • Joelupr

    Thanks to this kind of desperate move from Microsoft and their lack of respect and class, I will never buy a product from Microsoft.

  • AGuyAndHisPhone

    I sure they could have picked some one better for this ad. On a side note…. if you pan right in that parking lot you can see the live nude arcade that’s next door to this place.

  • Anthony D’Amico

    Google should find the girl in that video and record their own video of sending her to hollywood:D or maybe do a contest for windows users -first 100 users to buy a chromebook get a plane ticket to hollywood:D

  • Seeing stuff like this just makes me feel bad for Microsoft… but not in the kind of way where you want to go buy a product and support them. More in the way you feel visiting a hateful relative in the hospital.

  • Lou_Sasshole

    Im a fan of MS but come on this isn’t a good look for them -_-

  • LawrenceMcatee

    Which is the sort of silly $hit that google does lol
    I have a microsoft tab and an adroid as my daily phone so I am not biased at all but man these are hurting microsoft. I would love to see them both rocking but microsoft should pick a battle that isn’t agains’t the biggest mobile platform out there! Hell even android tablets overtook ipads this year!

  • sussycadillac

    What?? This thing doesn’t run Windows??!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sussycadillac

    AdBlock or similar are your friends. I see no adds. Anywhere, except in the streets.