Microsoft takes on the iPad Air more constructively in latest ads

surface ipad air

A lot has been said in the last week about how Microsoft (and Nokia) have been advertising lately. Microsoft especially has been in the spotlight for the Scroogled campaign. People don’t like it when companies attack each other instead of simply showing why their product is better. Microsoft has released a few new Surface videos that take on the iPad Air in a much more constructive manner.

In these two new ads Microsoft does exactly what people have been asking for. They simply show why the Surface is better than the iPad Air. The first video showcases the Bing Food & Drink app with built-in touchless gestures to control recipes. Microsoft doesn’t just say “the iPad can’t do this,” they actually try some apps that do this with voice commands and show how the Surface is better.

The next video is all about user accounts and security. There are many horror stories about children running up huge charges on their parent’s iPad. Microsoft shows how the Surface (and Windows) have user accounts and security settings that make it impossible for children to get into stuff they shouldn’t. The “family iPad” is something that Surface can do better.

What do you think about these new ads? Are they better than Scroogled? We prefer the more constructive ads much more than the attacks. Sometimes it can be fun to poke fun at the competition, but ultimately the best strategy is to show why it’s better and why you need one.

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