Nokia wireless charging plate and pillow on sale at DailySteals

nokia wireless

Many Windows Phone devices have the ability to use wireless charging, whether it’s built-in, with a case, or even hacked in. Unfortunately the wireless chargers that work with this technology can be a bit pricey. DailySteals has two such wireless chargers on sale today for much more reasonable prices.

For a very limited time DailySteals has the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate and Wireless Charging Pillow on sale. The plate will cost you just $25 while the pillow goes for $35. Both chargers usually retail for around $100. These chargers work with any device that is Qi-enabled. The sale is only for a little more than a day, and only while supplies last. Don’t wait!


  • Aooga

    You’re kidding right? ” Both chargers usually retail for around $100″. Is this a sponsored post? Amazon: $36.97 (charger), $49.80 (pillow). And AT&T has then for $25, so I don’t know where the $100 came from.

  • On DailySteals it shows the normal price as $99.

  • Aooga

    Well yeah, ebay lists the iphone 5S price at $1099 and a “Great” deal as $849. Never believe the supposed “original retail price”.

  • hoho

    I have this ravpower wireless charger with built-in battery and it works well with my Lumia 920. I bought it from Amazon for a reasonable price.