Microsoft planning “Threshold” update for Spring 2015 to unite Windows


Microsoft has been hinting at uniting Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox operating systems for a while. Consumers also have been asking for this. The ability to run Windows Phone apps on a tablet, for example, would be great. According to ZDNet Microsoft is planning to do this with a big update in 2015.

The update is codenamed “Threshold,” and it is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2015. The goal of the update will be to enable Microsoft to support the same “high-value activities” across all devices. Such activities will likely include a unified app store and more feature-sharing. All of this follows in Ballmer’s vision of “One Microsoft.”

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of updates before Spring 2015. Threshold is the goal that Microsoft is working toward. Which each update we will get closer and closer to the united Windows operating system. We are excited.

[via ZDNet]


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