Microsoft CEO search reportedly narrowed down to two people

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And then there were two. The last time we reported on Microsoft’s CEO search the reports said there were four candidates remaining. Today a new report suggests Microsoft has cut the field in half, and is now deciding between two candidates. One of the two candidates eliminated is Nokia’s Stephen Elop.

So who’s left? Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Microsoft VP Satya Nadella are reportedly the last two candidates. Microsoft will have a hard time choosing. Mulally has done a marvelous job at turning things around at Ford, but Nadella is from Microsoft and likely knows more about how things work. There are benefits to bringing in someone from the outside and sticking with someone internal.

Current CEO Steve Ballmer is set to retire sometime in the next 9 months after Microsoft names a successor. Bill Gates is among the people who have been tasked with finding a replacement. Who do you want to be CEO? Are you happy with the candidates?

[via Bloomberg]

  • Ho Young Won

    I think Nadella is the better choice for now. Microsoft has had their new “look” or revision that seems to be on the right track for the past 2-3 years and I think it’s a better decision to keep this roll going until they feel that they need a new refresh again.

  • taylor

    yeah i am happy. lets just get it over and done with.