Microsoft gets final approval from EU for Nokia acquisition


The last checkbox has been checked. First Nokia shareholders approved of Microsoft’s plan to sell their devices and services division to Microsoft. Next the US Justice Department and FTC approved of the deal. Today the last word of approval has been given by the European Union. Microsoft and Nokia can now move forward with the deal.

In a statement the EU had this to say about the deal: “overlap of the two companies’ activities in this area is minimal and several strong rivals, such as Samsung and Apple will continue to compete with the merged entity.” In other words, they don’t think that Microsoft and Nokia will now dominate unfairly. They think the deal is good for everyone.

Stephen Elop is now officially back at Microsoft, though he will probably not become the next CEO. It will still be some time before we see the first Microsoft-branded Nokia device. This is an exciting time for the two companies and the users of their devices. Do you like the deal? Are you happy it has been approved?

[via ZDNet]

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