SnapChat app ‘6snap’ gets awesome new features in latest update

6snap screens

The great SnapChat app “6snap” continues to get better and better. Rudy Huyn, the developer, has been hard at work adding new features to his series of “6” branded apps. For 6snap he has added even more features that you won’t find in any official SnapChat app.

Version 1.2 adds several features to the camera. The official SnapChat apps don’t offer much in terms of photo editing, but Rudy is changing that in 6snap. You can now add blur to your photos in a variety of ways, including a tilt-shift effect. All the photo filters from Rudy’s Instagram app, 6tag, have also been added to 6snap. Basically you can now send Instagram photos as snaps.

Other new features in version 1.2 include the ability to choose which friends can see your Story, a landscape view for editing, and fast resume. This is why we love Rudy. He takes a missing service and turns it into something better than an official app could ever be. Download 6snap below for free on Windows Phone 8 devices.

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