Bing Maps ‘Preview’ for Windows 8.1 is gorgeous, brings Local Scout to PC


Bing Maps for Windows 8 is probably one of the most overlooked apps. Most Windows 8 users will just pull up maps in the web browser, forgetting that there is an app for it. Microsoft is working on a new version of Bing Maps for Windows 8.1 that could make more people take notice.

Microsoft released “Bing Maps Preview” to the Windows Store today with tons of new features. This latest version is making a big push for 3D and high resolution imagery. The result is some breathtaking views of places around the world. You can easily fly around and explore the map and see the area from all angles. It’s really fun.

Another new feature is “Bubble View.” This allows you to see a small preview of the street without launching into the full street view mode. The next new feature is not new at all to Windows Phone users. “Local Scout” has finally made it’s way to PCs, and it does everything you have come to know from the phone version.

If you have Windows 8.1 installed you can download the Bing Maps Preview from the Windows Store below. Also be sure to watch the video to see all of these new features in action. What mapping software do you use?

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