Microsoft CEO front-runner Alan Mulally said to be staying at Ford through 2014


Earlier this week we reported on a rumor that claimed Microsoft was down to two candidates for CEO. One of the candidates was Ford CEO Alan Mulally. Today Edsel Ford II, board member and great-grandson of Henry Ford, told Bloomberg that Mulally will be staying with Ford through 2014…

Microsoft is looking to find a new CEO within the next nine months. It would seem that if Mulally is indeed staying at Ford through 2014 he would be out of the running. Mulally himself has not said much on the whole situation. The remaining candidates include Satya Nadella, Tony Bates, and Stephen Elop as a long shot.

This is certainly an interesting development. Many people considered Mulally to be the front-runner (and he still could be). Some have speculated that Mulally would only be a temporary CEO. He would help get Microsoft back on the right track and then step aside for someone more longterm. What are your thoughts on the Microsoft CEO search?

  • Chyna

    dang. i was hoping this guy would be ceo.