Microsoft putting the Dell Venue 8 Pro on sale for just $99 on Monday

venue 8 pro sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be behind us, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft from throwing one heck of a sale at us. On Monday they will be offering the Dell Venue 8 Pro for just $99 from Microsoft Stores and online for a limited time. This sale will kick off Microsoft’s “12 Days of Deals” promotion that will run up to Christmas day.

What’s the catch? Each of Microsoft’s 52 retail stores in the U.S. will have just 20 devices available for the $99 price tag. After the first 20 have been sold (one per customer) the next 10 devices will be available for just $199, but then after those are gone it’s back to the regular $299 price. Online the $99 deal will last for the first 100 devices and then $199 while supplies last.

$99 is an insane deal for this tablet. The Dell Venue 8 Pro runs full Windows 8.1 with a 8-inch display, Intel Bay Trail processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and an optional keyboard. This deal will go quickly on Monday, so don’t wait too long. Are you going to try for the deal?

  • King of the Zafferties

    Wow this is an awesome deal,
    (increasing your comments this month by ten thousands percent)

  • Randy T

    holy crap, that is an awesome deal!

  • NavinJay

    Does it start at midnight online? redmond time?