Is Samsung working on a new Windows Phone 8 device?

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Did you know that other companies besides Nokia have made Windows Phone devices? Sometimes it’s easy to forget. Samsung is one of those “other” companies. Their last Windows Phone, the ATIV S Neo (our review), launched on AT&T early last month. Still, Samsung has never really done anything exciting with Windows Phone. They recycle the same designs from their Android devices.

Lately there has been some buzz about a new Samsung model number that some say is a Windows Phone device. The model number in question is SM-W750V. The argument is the “W” stands for Windows, however some quick research shows that is not the case at all. The last Samsung device with a “SM-W” model number was an Android flip phone. Every Windows Phone made by Samsung has had a model number of SCH- SGH- or SPH-.

Is Samsung working on a Windows Phone? Maybe, but it’s not this latest model number. We hope that Samsung is working on a Windows Phone device that isn’t just a Galaxy device with a different OS. The again, Samsung isn’t really know for their inventive design. Do you want a Samsung Windows Phone?

[via Neowin]

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