WhatsApp beta can now send pre-recorded videos

whatsapp video

The popular form of communication these days is video. It seems that every social network eventually adds the ability to send videos. Vine, Instagram, and SnapChat app have it. Why not WhatsApp? Why not indeed. In the laatest version of WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone you can send videos to friends.

Unlike the other social networks mentioned above you can’t actually create videos with WhatsApp. What you can do is send pre-recorded ones to your friends. There are limits for the size of the video, but we don’t know the exact parameters. Picking a video to send is the same as picking a photo. It’s very simple, but a pretty cool feature.

This is another step in the right direction to catch up with the WhatsApp apps for Android and iOS. WhatsApp is an enormously popular services around the world. It’s very important that the Windows Phone app be just as good as others. With each update they get closer. Download WhatsApp below for free as we wait for these beta features.

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[via Plaffo ]

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