Did you get a $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro from Microsoft?

dell venue 12 days

Today marks the beginning of Microsoft’s “12 Days of Deals” holiday promotion. A new deal will be revealed every day for the next eleven days. The twelfth day (today) has an insanely good deal on the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Every retail Microsoft Store across the country had 20 tablets for $99, and online the deal lasted for the first 100 devices.

I’m using past tense wording here because we haven’t been able to find anywhere with this deal still in stock. We’re wondering if any of you were quick enough to cash in on this excellent deal. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is a perfectly capable Windows 8 tablet, and a real steal at $99 (or even $199). Let us know below if you were one of the lucky ones to get a $99 Venue 8 Pro!

You can visit this page daily to check out the deal of the day, and we will also report on any other good ones. Happy savings!

UPDATE: One of our Twitter followers sent us the photo below. He says they sold out of the $99 price and sold 11 of the $199 price.


  • Chanifucker

    NO! I’m pissed off

  • Did you go to a store?

  • Mxb

    100 available nationally, HA! Kept on hitting refresh – never saw the $99 offer, what a tease!

  • YerP

    Couldn’t even get the site to load….Placeholder Error File…then when it finally loaded it said Out of Stock

  • Jordan

    Nope, I just keep getting “placeholder error file”

    I finally got the page to load, but it was at the $199 price. I clicked to add it to my cart, but I eventually just got “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.”. I went back to the page and they were out of stock.

  • xiatianfa

    same for me placeholder error file than sold out, what a joke. wonder if anyone really got one online forr 99.00

  • Sagar

    this is ridiculous… 100 units? stupid and annoying… i refreshed the page for the price to change… and i couldnt even see $99 anywhere.. straight to $199!
    does the price refresh automatically without refreshing the page? tell me, so that i dont lose a deal again by losing time on refreshing the page, if the price on page automatically updates without refreshing

  • Joe Dirt

    There is no way in hell they went online for 99 bucks. I’ve been hitting refresh since 15 till. Amazing how bad their site is for a company that’s promoting Azure.

  • Josh543

    I never even seen it marked down to $99 just kept getting placeholder error.

  • Shan Umasankar

    People showed up since early morning I guess… Went to store at 9:45 but even the $199 was almost sold out and the last one is reserved for the lady standing 5th before me in the line. :( btw they opened 30 minutes before their usual time as many were waiting for longtime.

  • Anonymous

    Online store just said “Placeholder file” – #fail

  • Sandy Jones

    Not I my microsoft store was so terrible at giving out information of when the door to the mall would open to let people in to wait in line the were just so uniformed see the difference microsoft if this would have been apple I would have gotten time mall opens which door they are going to open where the line forms… microsoft has got to get it together

  • bikdav

    Judging from how bad things went, it sounds as though just made themselves look like fools at Christmas time. This was very poor planning on Microsoft’s part. Yet, if Apple had tried to pull something like this the out come would probably been a lot better.

  • bikdav

    This was obviously very poor planning on Microsoft’s part. Yet, what would have happened if Apple had pulled something like this with the iPad?

  • Not Me

    Tried online. Same story for me -> “placeholder error” – refresh – wait – repeat, repeat, repeat. By the time I did get logged in the $99 was gone. I was thinking the whole time that Microsoft’s web page should be better than this.

  • guest

    Didnt get the 99 deal online refreshed about a hundred times, did get it onlibe for 199 before the website went up in flames

  • No Dell Today

    So ridiculous! This is a company that wants to sells millions of units and they resort to doorbusters. From the list of MS Stores, it looks like there about 100 stores with 20 each. And a few more at $199. The online store had a pitiful 100 units. Even Walmart stopped the limited-quantity doorbuster racket.
    If Microsoft wants to get some market share, offer a reasonable price to every customer.

  • yanivc

    Damn skippy I did! Venue 8 Pro + Folio + Pen all for 180 inc. tax!

  • Larry

    I was on the Microsoft web site from 6:45 AM. The price at that time was coming up $299.. I kept refreshing and kept seeing the same thing. At exactly 7:00, I started getting the placeholder error, and after about 30 seconds, saw the $199 price coming up. My guess is that thousands of people flooded the site at the same time, and only a lucky 100 got through. They literally sold out online in seconds. My local Microsoft store was advertising a 10 A.M. opening, but I wasn’t about to waste my time trying.


    I got one for $199, but it was only after getting the same error message at least 10 times before I finally got to the checkout. It was scary to think that I may be purchasing the item more than once at $199 per click. I knew they wouldn’t allow me to purchase more than one so I went CLICK CRAZY. Like a Dummie!

  • agunrunner

    I was in line for $99 people sneaked in,friends of Microsoft employees at san Francisco at 6am,they center was locked up but some people got in,they started giving them out at 8am,they were gone at 8.10am
    even though they were not ment to be open until 10am,they said they had enough for about 30 people ,at $199 few people took them up on the offer,i did not a found the touch screen not great,and also at $199 the nexus is a better deal,
    at 9.30am I would say they sold out in san Francisco,about 40 left the line,at 8.10am,
    if your not friends with an employee you will not get one,and if you wait at the door at westfield mall you will not get one,as staff are getting them in the employee entrance

  • Christopher Micallef

    Why is everyone complaining? What did they expect? There were only 100 available for that price and thousands of people clicking on the page at the time. Naturally the server was programmed so no more than 100 people could see the $99. The only reason why so many people got the “placeholder” error, including myself was that there were only 100 places being held. I did manage to add a $199 one to my cart, but did not buy it because I wanted it for $99. Plus I am considering that in a few months 64 bit versions of bay trail will be released and the influx of new tablets with more ram and usb 3.0 support will lower the price of this tablet anyway. I understand being upset that you didn’t get the $100 tablet because I am too. However this is no reason to hate on Micrsoft. If Apple had the same sale with the ipad mini, guess what… it would be the same thing. Again, when there are only 100 items available it is impossible to show the page to thousands of people at once. No one has the ability to make free tablets out if thin air.

    What I am upset about however is that the best deal was on the first day. All the other deals seem blah compared to this one. The only other deal I am interested in is the $30 xbox music pass because I plan to buy a new one once mine expires on January one. Besides that it’s just a bunch of products I don’t need or already have, laptops that will be discounted online anyway, and cell phones that require the purchase of a 2 year contract. (I still don’t know how they are going to do those sales online. It was hard enough to check out with the Dell. Imagine signing up for a whole cellphone plan too! It sounds like a nightmare!)

  • Dan203

    I was able to load the page once with the $99 price but could not add it to my cart, just kept getting error. Finally reloaded and it jumped to $199. That I was able to add to my cart and check out. Got it yesterday and it’s a nice little device. Being able to run full Windows apps on a tiny handheld tablet is pretty cool.