‘Copy This’ brings speech-to-text to all Windows Phone apps [Video]

Speech-to-text is a handy feature when you are in a situation where talking is easier (or safer) than typing. Unfortunately not all apps have this capability, which is especially sad in messaging apps like IM+. Developer Splinto has solved this problem with a very ingenious app called Copy This.

The app is dead simple, but extremely handy. All it does is allow you to use voice commands to “copy” a message to the clipboard. For example, say you are IMing with a friend and you can’t type. Hold down the Start button and say “Copy this to clipboard,” then wait for the beep and say your message. The app will close and resume your previous app with your message saved to the clipboard.

copy this

Something that would have taken several key taps can now be done in just two. How cool is that? Copy This is another example of how ingenious Windows Phone developers can be. The app is available for $0.99 of free trial with ads. Download below and start talking to your apps!

download WP

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