Microsoft may be bringing back the Start Menu

return of start

Microsoft removed the Start Button and Menu from Windows 8 in favor of the new Start Screen. This left a lot of people unhappy, and they weren’t afraid to let Microsoft know. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft caved a little and brought back the Start Button, but not the Menu. Now it seems they are preparing to make a full reversal and bring back the Start Menu as well.

Paul Thurrott reports that Microsoft is planning to make the Start Menu an optional feature in the next major update to Windows, currently codenamed “Threshold.” He also speculates that the option will only be available on devices that support desktop apps, not Windows RT devices. Other changes in Threshold include the ability to run “Metro” apps on the desktop like you can with Stardock ModernMix.

It appears that Microsoft has heard the pleas of desktop users with Windows 8. The OS is great for tablet devices, but it leaves a lot to be desired for desktop users. Microsoft is finding out just how many people still need powerful desktop features. Kudos to them for listening, but it should have been this way from the start.


  • bikdav

    Hey, at least Microsoft heard us customers. Maybe when they bring back desktop options, it will give business/commercial users more incentive to ditch XP (which I personally don’t miss). As Joe Fedewa very accurately stated, “The OS is great for tablet devices, but it leaves a lot to be desired for desktop users.”

  • Pookiewood

    I’ve been using it at the office and home since 8.0 released. It works just fine for everyday task. You know kind of like 7 or XP. The tweaks they added in 8.1 are even better. The current “Start” implementation is better than in 7 IMO. Right click the start button in the bottom left and it brings up a short menu of things that are important to troubleshooters like myself. They shouldn’t change this.

  • bikdav

    I’m very glad that your thoughts to the table. I did see the “Start” function at the right click and it is very good indeed. Business/Commercial users are hard nuts to crack when it comes o changes. My hope is that Windows will address their concerns more closely than they did when Windows 8 first came out.