New Scroogled ad asks real people if a Chromebook works for them [Video]

The Scroogled team at Microsoft, who is apparently cut off from the outside world, has cranked out yet another video. This time they have Ben the PC guy walking around Venice, CA asking people about Chromebooks. Instead of a silly reality TV spoof they are asking real people what they do on their PC and whether or not a Chromebook would work for them.

Ben starts off by saying “This is a Chromebook. Google says it’s everything you need in one laptop.” He then proceeds to talk to several people and debunk that statement. Some of the things that the people said they do on their laptop were Photoshop, Excel, Illustrator, Word, etc. The basics. After that he shows off the Asus TrasformerBook T-100 tablet and what it can do for basically the same price.

This approach is a lot better than their previous ones. Showing real people what a Chromebook can and can’t do will be more useful to people trying to decide on what to buy. What do you think about this new Scroogled video? Yay or nay?

  • timmyjoe42

    The whole scroogled campaign turns me off. It doesn’t help to paint Microsoft in a positive light. They aren’t even remotely humorous. I want MS to focus on educating us about their software and devices instead of running negative campaigns.

  • Brooke

    As a Chromebook user this made me laugh. You can actually do photo editing on a Chromebook. In addition to the built in photo editor for your basic cropping etc you can use Pixlr or Sumo paint adds which unlike Photoshop are free. As far as Word and Excel, um, there’s this thing called Google Docs, Sheets and Slides which is again…free…and yeah it works offline. Not to mention the Asus Transformer came stocked with Android first. I wonder why that is…

  • legrandcharles

    Definitely NAY. The D-Bag who came up with this whole Scroogled thing should be fired post haste. This whole campaign might just backfire on them.

  • N.P

    Chromebook is better, cheaper and simpler. Microsoft should offer something better in the same category or simply stop these retarded commercials. Remember Apple finger commercial …it streches from here to here. Well this one is even more pathetic

  • thundercloud47

    Instead of MS spending money on ads like these they need to bring back Live Help. I have a Hot-mail account that was hacked. If live help was still available I could get this straightened out. As it stands now their so-called help page sends me around in circles. I don’t depend on free e-mail accounts but I’d like to get that old account shut down.

  • thundercloud47

    Thank you Brooke that’s good to know. I’ve been considering those Chromebooks simply because of the price.