Angry Birds Go! launches for Windows Phone, we take it for a spin [Video]

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Rovio has a new Angry Birds game and it doesn’t involve slinging birds into buildings. We’re as shocked as you are. Angry Birds Go! was first teased back in October, and true to their word it launched today (December 11th) on all platforms. Since this is Rovio’s first Angry Birds-themed game in a different genre we had to take it for a spin.

Go! is a racing game inside the “Angry Birds Universe” (things I never thought I’d type). Instead of hurtling yourself at buildings you hurtle yourself down a race track. It’s basically Mario Kart + Angry Birds. There are coins to collect, power-ups, cart improvements, and much more.

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Controlling the cart can be done by tilting your phone or tapping the left and right side of the screen. Since this is a downhill racing game you don’t have to control the speed of the cart. Each track has several different gaming modes, such as Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Versus, and Champion Chase. In order to unlock a new track you must beat each mode.

We should also mention that this game has an energy system. Each character can only do 5 races before they become tired. Then you can switch to another character, wait for their energy to replenish, or buy more energy. At every turn Rovio is trying to get you to spend real money.

Ab energy

Angry Birds Go! is easy and fun to play. It’s a nice change of pace from Rovio’s standard bird-slinging games. Go! is free with ads and there are in-app purchases to help you along. Download Angry Birds Go! for free below, and make sure to check out our hands-on video.

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