Microsoft considering cutting licensing fees for Windows Phone and Windows RT

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The thing that has helped Android become the world’s largest mobile OS is the fact that it’s free. Companies like Samsung and HTC can put Android on their phones for no cost. Windows Phone (and Windows in general) does not work like that. If Samsung makes a Windows Phone device they have to pay a licensing fee.

Obviously this hurts Windows Phone and Windows RT devices. They are already not very popular, and when you add on the licensing fee there isn’t much incentive for OEMs to make devices. Sources familiar with the situation have told The Verge that Microsoft is considering making Windows Phone and Windows RT free to use for OEMs.

The decision is being considered by OS chief Terry Myerson. If the decision is made it will likely come with the Threshold update in 2015. This would be a smart decision by Microsoft. Nokia accounts for 80% of Windows Phone devices on the market, and now they are owned by Microsoft. With all of those licensing profits gone there isn’t much for Microsoft to lose.

It’s clear that Microsoft would be combating Android with this move. Hopefully it would convince OEMs to make more Windows Phone devices. Microsoft might lose a little money without the licensing, but the benefit is getting more Windows Phone and Windows tablets out in the world. That can only be good.

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