This is Nokia’s Android phone, will it ever see the light of day?

Nokia Normandy

If there is one thing that makes Android users jealous of Windows Phone it’s the great Nokia hardware and camera technology. Android users have been begging for a Nokia phone with Google’s OS. The image above is the Nokia Normandy, which allegedly was built to be a low-end Android device.

The image has been around since November, but there was never any information about it. The single “<” button obviously is not made for Windows Phone, but was speculated to be an Asha phone. This new information about the device running Android is from The Verge. They say that Nokia was working on a forked version of Android, like Amazon does for the Kindle Fire.

Now that Microsoft can officially go ahead with their Nokia deal we have our doubts about the Normandy ever being released. It’s still interesting to see that Nokia was exploring other options. Our Android friends will just have to settle for this press render. That might be the closest you get.

[via Phandroid]

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    It will not.