Nokia releases Motion Monitor for the Lumia 1520 to track your activity


Do you like to move it move it? Nokia has an app for you. Today Nokia has released a beta version of Motion Monitor for the Lumia 1520. This app tracks your physical activity and steps continuously in the background. You can almost think of it as a Fitbit in your phone.

All the information collected is recorded to your timeline. After 10 days the app will learn your average activity. The information can be displayed on a live tile, lockscreen, or even the Glance screen. Nokia showed this off a little bit at Nokia World.

The app only works on the Lumia 1520 because it uses a dedicated core to off-load sensor data. This allows the app to use very little power while constantly running. It also means you will need a quad-core device to use it. ┬áIf you’re lucky enough to have the Lumia 1520 you can download the app below for free.

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  • Mayoman

    Wish it was for Lumia 920!