Windows Phone 9 will launch with a completely new UI [Rumor]


Windows Phone without Metro? A recent rumor suggest that Windows Phone 9 may have a completely new UI. This comes from Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who has been relatively accurate on tips in the past. He says that WP9 will launch in the second half of 2014 without the iconic Metro UI. He went on to say the tiled UI will be an option to users. Lastly, Eldar claims that Windows RT will cease to exist and will be incorporated into WP9.

That’s a lot to digest.

We have a very hard time believing that Microsoft will abandon Metro any time soon. The entire company has been transformed with the Metro UI and design. To switch away from that would require another company-wide reinvention. It’s far more likely that Microsoft makes the UI act more like Windows RT. Different, but still Metro.

The claim that Windows RT will be incorporated into Windows Phone 9 is probably true. We’ve heard in the past that Microsoft wants to merge the two OS’. The new UI and merging of OS’ are most likely connected. We hope this all comes true. A combination of Windows Phone and Windows RT would be an excellent OS. What do you think?

[via BGR]


  • Nick Mantzoros

    Worried that the current phones won’t be upgraded. Ugh. Might have to hold off.

  • that_guy

    By the time this comes out it’ll time for a new phone anyway. I for one am all for a new UI or a UI refresh.

  • uncle_joe

    Live Tiles is the killer feature. If Microsoft gets rid of the live tiles… we’re finnished!!

  • JSYOUNG571

    Well another platform will be abandoned just like 6.5 and 7.5. I am glad I am off the Windows Phone train this time around. Been with Android since 2011, and at this point I may never return to Windows Phone. Microsoft can’t stop hitting restart on their phones.

  • Pookiewood

    You think they should’ve stuck with 6.5? I’m so glad they left 6.5. It was functional but buggy no matter which custom rom was used. 7.5 I’m sure you understand that 8 was built from the ground up with future proofing in mind allowing up to 64 bit processing. It’s also a completely new kernel based on Win NT vs Win CE. Stop whining about it already. As for the rumors they are baseless and the Windows Dev team have already denied it.

  • Damon Nevils

    IF they make it more like RT that Would be great…
    Multiple side swipes for tiles….swipe up for app list hopefully not in a single file, hate it), Lots of gestures…… Bring it on and bring it on with a virtual assistant similar to Google Now

  • Damon Nevils

    Didn’t mean this to be a reply to your post, Nick

  • Lauren Glenn

    I heard this rumor about rt and it explains why they’re still pushing it. For me, I would love to have more apps for my Lumia 1520 that could run desktop RT apps. If they merge the two, I would expect them to let them run with windows 9 without having to abandon the rt tablets. Still, the future is looking brighter.

  • Lauren Glenn

    I believe I remember that they said you would be able to upgrade to windows phone 9 from 8.

  • james braselton

    hi there i hope they never get rid of live tiles i have full about 610 metro ui live tiles or 16 gb live tiles metro ui