Check out this awesome Windows 8.2 design concept


As you know, Windows 8 has quite a few problems. The biggest issue most people have is with the dual environments. One moment you’re in the desktop and the next you are transported to a Metro app. This is not good. Desktop users want to be on the desktop, and tablet users want to be in a touch environment. How do you fix it?

Windows user Jay Machalani has attempted to fix Windows 8 with a new concept. Jay explains that he is not trying to make Windows 8 better, but just get Microsoft back on track with their original vision. His solution is to essentially let the user choose how they want to use the PC. Want touch? Here is a touch optimized Windows with the Start screen front and center. Have a mouse and keyboard? Here is the desktop.

Obviously this solution does not work for all situations, but that is not Jay’s problem. He is simply trying to create a solution for the existing problems. His concept images do a much better job at showing his vision. Check them all out below. What do you think?

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[via The Verge]

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