Leaked partial screenshot shows Windows Phone 8.1 on-screen buttons

windows phone no buttons

Back in October we wrote about Microsoft testing devices with virtual Back, Start, and Search buttons. Over the weekend that claim got a little proof to go along with it, compliments of @evleaks. The heavily watermarked image above is allegedly part of a screenshot from Windows Phone 8.1.


The buttons look pretty much the same as the physical buttons do.Virtual buttons will allow OEMs to cut down on costs by eliminating capacitive buttons. It would also allow Android OEMs to use basically the same exact hardware to make a Windows Phone device. With Microsoft trying to get their OS on as many devices as possible this is an attractive possibility.

We are fans of the on-screen buttons, but what about you? Physical or virtual? State your case below!

  • Sriramareddy

    i Like Only Physical No virtual

  • Dave Granger

    Oh sod off. If I wanted that soft key bollocks I’d get an Android phone.